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Viewing Files & Restoring Specific Files/Folders

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I'm running XP Pro, AMD 3200+, Raid 0 w/ 2 WD Barracudasetc... cool.gif


Anyway, I backup to a WD Dual Option using the Firewaire option. I'm using 7.5 Retro Pro. I had a major system crash. I had done a full b/u and several catchups. Now I want to go into the files and restore just a few files or folders. I tried to get into the archives or b/u but I cannot. Can I actually go in a choose specific files or folders to restore? How can I go into the b/u or archive and see the files or folders I want to restore?




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Yes, you can restore specific files or folders by the following steps:


1. Launch Retrospect7.5 Pro application.

2. Go to Restore->Restore Wizard, click the "Switch to Advanced Mode" link bottom at wizard window.

3. Choose "Restore Files and Folders" option.

4. Select backup set and snapshot by clicking the "Source" button at "Restore from backup set" window.

5. Select destination and retrieve method by clicking the "Destination" button.

6. Select(Tick) the specific files or folders by clicking the "File Chosen" button.

7. Click "Restore" button to run the restore.

8. Go to the destination to check if the selelcted files or folders are restored correctly.

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