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crash during execution -> "compare" never performed??


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Hi everyone,


When retrospect crashes during execution, I am able to manually relaunch the backup script, and the program appears to detect where it left off and continue from there. I wonder what to do in this situation, because:


1. The files backed-up before the crash never get "compared" to the source material. Do I trust that they are correct (no data errors or corruption), as long as the entire backup set can be verified?


1b. Related: is there a way to compare a backup set with the source material?


2. How do I know whether any files are actually missing or corrupt (particularly from the point at which the program crashed)? Can I trust that retrospect knows what happened, and can recover appropriately?


This is a DVD backup set, and I'm tempted to discard the discs (6 of them) and re-execute the script from the beginning, but there's really no guarantee it won't crash again and I don't want to waste discs if the existing backup set can be trusted.


Any suggestions you all have would be greatly appreciated.





FYI: I'm running 7.0 Pro on an XP machine.


EDIT: At the end of manually initiated verification, a single error was recorded in the log indicating that ~5000 files were "not verified" (this sounds too low to be all of the files completed before the crash). When I next run the script (don't have time tonight), will retrospect re-compare these files to the source material??

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update: more info but no answers yet


I performed a new backup to a new DVD backup set and had another crash (in a different place, I don't think the data is at fault). I re-ran the backup, and as before it picked up where it left off and continued for the rest of my data (6 DVD discs total). I then initiated a manual "verify" operation, which gave 1 error: "7,052 files were not verified". I re-executed the backup, which completed successfully with no errors. I then re-executed the verify, but the error "7,052 files were not verified" remains.


If the files are suspect, I thought retrospect would at least be smart enough to re-copy the suspect files, thereby preserving the utility of the rest of the backup set. But it does not.


Does this ultimately mean that retrospect is unable to reliably recover from a crash???


I suppose as a fix, I could tell retrospect to "forget" the discs with suspect data, and presumably this would allow the files to be recopied the next time the script executes. The problem is I'm not sure which discs are suspect!


anyone have any ideas here???

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