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Backing up the Backup Server - retro tries to backup disc array...

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Retrospect 7.5.324 - hot fix

PowerEdge Server

MD1000 disc array attached to backup server


We are having an issue when backing up the backup server. According to retrospect, our backup server shows as local drives the internal c: drive as well as our four partitions on the attached array. In retrospect I have gone to Configure/Volumes/Backup Clients. When we expand the backup server in the Volumes Database list it shows all five drives. We have highlighted the four partitions making up the array and selected "forget (delete)". So theoretically on this machine the only volume to backup is the internal c: drive. However each morning when we check the previous nights backups it continues trying to backup the four partitions on the array. We proceed to configure/volumes/backup clients - expand the culprit client and it shows all five drives to be backed up again as if we had never told it to "forget (delete)".


We have also tried going into Configure/Clients and selected properties for the backup server then opened the Volumes tab. In this window the only drive highlighted is the internal c: drive.


Why does Retrospect continue to insist on backing up the array when those partitions have been forgotten?

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