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I have been getting some user's showing up with Net Retry errors during a backup. What pisses me off about Retrospect is the software doesn't move on from the affected client to the next one on the script. Last weekend Retrospect continued to try to connect to a user for 12+ hours which completely screwed up my Recycled weekend back-up. Does Retro have a built-in time-out where if it can't connect to a certain client, it gives up and moves on when it comes to Net Retry issues?

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What version of Retrospect do you have, and what client? Facts would be helpful.


Some of the causes/bugs on this were claimed to be fixed in a recent release, but some have reported problems. I have seen such a case with the Mac OS Classic client if I shut down the client at exactly the right moment while backup is occurring. I'm of the opinion that some of the recent releases fixed some of the places but not all where this could occur.


Answer to your question about built-in timeout: Yes, there is one in some of the places but apparently not all. Your first step would be to get up to current rev level so you at least have the timeouts that are there.



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yeah, some of them are Intel. i've seen the Net Retry errors before on laptops that were set-up with Portable Home Directories. some of our PHD laptop would have their auto-sync stall and that seemed to affect Retro where Net Retry errors would spring up. but Retro seemed to kick out of the client and give a "network communication error" in the log. now it seems to just keep trying and trying and trying. and, you're right, these seem to be on the Intel machines that Retro won't let go. hope it doesn't happen this weekend.

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