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Transfer Snapshot Script Question


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Version: Retrospect Pro 7.5 running on dedicated XP Pro box.


- Backup Script (one schedule)

Mon-Sat backup script. Destination is a "disk" backup set (kdw) stored on local "d" drive of retrospect server.


- Transfer Snapshot Script (two schedules)

Source: "kdw" backup set's most recent snapshot.

Destination: offsite_kdw disk backup set stored on an external drive.

Schedule1: Recycle transfer snapshot to: offsite_kdw every Sunday

Schedule2: Normal transfer snapshot to: offsite_kdw Monday-Friday


1. I want to keep a weeks worth of data on the external drive's backup set.


- So each Sunday it will recycle the most recent snapshot. Effectively starting over each week.

- Then with the second schedule I want it to retain five days of data, or five snapshots.



- Will my script work for what I want it to do?

- Can I avoid the "recycle" by doing a Synthetic Full snapshot transfer?




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