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Retrospect 7.5/Win XP permission or authentication issue


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We are running Retrospect 7.5 on 6 different workstations, that are indentically configured. Each workstation runs Windows XP Pro, and each has a standalone copy of Retrospect with the various add-ons that we need. All back up to external Maxtor HDDs, and copy reports to a central workstation running Reports Watcher. One of the workstations decided on Friday that it was not going to run it's daily backup. Nothing has changed in the hardware/software configuration since well before Thursday, when it ran the backup successfully.


I went through and determined that Retrospect will not start with the specified account (which has Admin rights), when Retrospect is started by a currently logged in user that has less than Admin rights (Power User, in this case), it ends up opening using the currently logged in user's rights, and displays the error about need administrator rights with continue and exit as options. If I launch Retrospect with an admin username, it starts fine, and uses the specified account name (strange). I have removed and reinstalled Retrospect, I have created test accounts for the Power User, and Administrator account for Retrospect to use (in case there was any Windows account corruption), and cannot solve it. The odd thing is that nothing has changed, it just does not work correctly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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