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Backup Server hanging during backup

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I'm having a problem wherein Retrospect hangs during backup. I am running Retrospect 6.1.126, driver update, on a PowerBook G4 with OS X v10.4.8. I am both booting from and backing up to an external LaCie FireWire drive (different partititions, and bear in mind I'm not backing up the PowerBook itself).


I am attempting to back up the hard drive of a Power Mac G5, also running 10.4.8 with Retrospect Client 6.1.130. I have already successfully backed up its home directory and another Mac client, each to its own file backup set with a Backup Server script. I then created a third file backup set and attempted to back up the root level of the G5's hard drive, minus my home directory and a few other folders (Backup Server again). It took a number of tries to figure out the path selectors but I think I have them...but while I was trying to figure out the path selectors Retrospect (on the server machine) would often hang and have to be force quit. The last run I apparently got the path selectors correct because the Retrospect log says it started copying, but the progress window and Backup Server windows on Retrospect never updated and I ultimately had to force quit again. The catalog file grew to about 250 MB but nothing was written to the backup set.


Any idea what might be going on, or how to fix it?

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