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Windows Server 7.5.324 & Mac Client 6.1.130 (Intel): browsing directory problem


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Hello world,


please help!




On a Windows 2003 Server running Retrospect Server version 7.5.324 I try to backup a MacOS 10.48 Server (Apple File-Server - Universal Binary: Intel) running Retrospect Client version 6.1.130. I see the Mac and can successfully add it to the network devices list.




When I add the Retrospect Client (Mac File-Server) as a source to a backup script and want to define a sub-volume of one of the partitions the Retrospect server application hangs until I restart the Retrospect Client (Mac File-Server). It seams that I can't browse the directory structure of the Retrospect Client (Mac File-Server) from the Retrospect server (Windows Backup-Server). Same when I try to make a backup of a whole partition of the Retrospect Client (Mac File-Server) - the Retrospect Server starts to scan the volume of the Retrospect Client and than hangs ... after a very long time it gets a timeout and stops trying to make a backup.


When I try to do the same as above with the Retrospect Server (Windows Backup-Server running Retrospect 7.5.324) but with another Retrospect Client (Mac Workstation running MacOS 10.48 Workstation with Retrospect Client 6.1.130) I have no problems at all.


When I try to do the same as above with another Retrospect Server (Mac Backup-Server running Retrospect 6.1.126) but with the same Retrospect Client (Mac File-Server running MacOS 10.48 Server with Retrospect Client 6.1.130) I have no problems at all.


It seams there is an imcompability between the Windows Retrospect Server version 7.5.324 and the Mac Retrospect Client version 6.1.130 only if the client is running under MacOS Server.


Can anybody confirm this behavior? Does anybody have a solution for thtis?


Any help will be appreciated.


Thank you very much in advance.


Greetings from Germany,


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The best way to solve the problem is to turn ACL off on the MacOS Server (Intel) running Tiger.


I found these helpfull posts:





About turning ACL on MacOS Server or Workstation 10.4 (Tiger) on or off:



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See this KB article, which states that Mac OS Server Universal Binary is NOT compatible with Retrospect:

Mac OS Universal Binary ACLs broken with Retrospect


That, and the fact that Retrospect Macintosh is emulated under Rosetta, and we won't run Rosetta on our server for stability reasons, is causing us to hold back on upgrade of our PowerPC Xserve G5 to an Intel Xserve (or to consider having to switch to another backup solution if a Universal Binary of Retrospect is not forthcoming).


See also this KB article, which has a special Retrospect client for use in Intel Macs and which does not attempt to back up ACLs:

Mac Retrospect Client with ACL backup disabled


You might try that Retrospect client. If your Mac OS X Server needs ACLs for your environment, I wouldn't turn ACLs off, but instead would use the modified client, with the knowledge that you might have to hand-restore ACL setups if you restore folders/trees with special ACL settings. Grumble.



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