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Normal Backup Behavior


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Do I have the right understanding of the way these work? If I do a normal backup to a set that has been erased, isn't that going to give me a backup of all the files since there is not a catalog relative to that set? My impression is, since nothing exists on that set, the software would see the need to backup all the files since they would all appear to be new? After the first day, a normal backup would simply back up the files that had changed or were new until the set was erased again. Am I right?

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Sounds right. Only question is what do you mean by erasing a backup set?

There is no specific command to erase a backup set. You can erase a RW CD/DVD - but just to confirm.


If you do erase an CD/DVD with a backup set, and, then, try to backup using the erased CD/DVD, Retro is going to require you to choose what to do since it won't be able to find the backup member.

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I really misstated! I meant that I erase the tapes! I use 9 tapes in a Exabyte VXD unit. Normally, I do a recycle backup on Wed, then normals the rest of the week. The next Wednesday, I switch the tapes to a different set. I erase all the tapes to start with blank media. (Take the previous set off site.)


The problem comes in if I forget to change the tapes on Wednesday. If I change them on Thursday for example, and still erase them, then when the normal backup takes place on Thursday evening, will it back up all the files? I understand that Normal means that it backs up only the files that have changed or are new since the last backup contained on the current tapes. If there are no backups on the current set of tapes, it should back up all the files right?

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Your assumption is correct. If you forget to put in the correct tapes on Wednesday the recycle action will still happen in regards to the catalog file (i.e. it gets cleared) but no backup will happen since it will be looking for a blank tape or one named 1-whateveryourbackupsetisnamed.


On Thursday when the blank media is supplied it will do it full backup since there is nothing in the catalog file.


The better solution is to remember to have your tapes in the library on Wednesday grin.gif

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