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Unknown errors

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For a few of our mailboxes we're getting these errors when backing them up.


T-349: MBDataInputStream::PrepareLongProperty: Failure (winerr = 0x80004005) to read long property 0x1009.


and its typically followed up by this error:


File "Mike\Files\00000000e57f71d18b2c1d4593b10a8e2ef7f7360700826a18112673de47a30de8e99e5da2020000000033a500002e7872176a215849aad5cf0f0d762d130000437a0ee00000": can't read, error -1012 (feature unsupported)


Any suggestions on how to resolve these errors? Running Exchange Server 2003.


Using Retrospect 7.0 MultiServer with the 7.0 client

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