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Normal Backup and Recycling

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I have a normal backup running every night on my Mac Pro running Tiger 10.4.8 and the latest version of Dantz Retrospect for Mac. I am a relatively new user having only been using the software since the end of November.


I thought that the Normal Backup would recycle my backups and start fresh every 30 days. So far, after a week in November, all of December, and now into January, it has not recycled. My backup file is starting to get really big and at this rate will become too large for my drive soon.


Am I wrong about the Normal Backup, or is something not working right?

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"Normal" backups are strictly incremental. You will want to schedule a recycle backup at the intervals you desire, or else recycle the backup set manually when it gets too large (via Configure> Backup Sets> Configure> Options> Media Action). A regular recycle backup can easily be added to your existing backup script by editing in an additional scheduler.


You might also want to consider cycling between two or even three backup sets so that you always retain at least one set of backups when you recycle the other backup set.

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