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Backup client licence dissapered

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One of my customers are running ver 7.5

Its been without problems for almost one year.

Suddently this morning i get this:


Retrospect notification from SBS1 (06-01-2007)


Script: Disk-2

Date: 06-01-2007

Can't access backup client tse1, error -685 (license required)


When i go to Configure - Clients

it asks for a licence key, but wont accept the key i have



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If your customer upgraded from 7.5.251 to a newer engine (7.5.285, .320 etc) then the application license probably is invalid. I am assuming that the client that is being backed up is also a server? If this is the case you will need to call Retrospect customer service or sales and have them set you up with the correct licensing.

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