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client disappeared

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I have been using Backup v 6.0.193 for some time.

Now, the client machine is no longer accessible by Retrospect.


I can ping the client machine. I can share files with the client machine.

Test... -> finds the client, using either the client machine's IP address or name

Backup Clients Database/Backup Clients on Network -> No backup clients found

Client is running, status = Ready


Any clues?

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While you don't provide any specific information about your network, what you do say suggests that a network switch may be configured to block UDP broadcast to the subnet in which your client is located. If so, and if that configuration is necessary (check with your network administrator on this), you will need to add the client by IP address.


You mention various ways you have communicated with the client, but you don't say whether you tried to add the client by its IP address. Did you try this, and did it not work?


To successfully access a client added by IP address on an ongoing basis, the client must either have a fixed IP address or an IP address reservation, which your network administrator should be able to arrange.

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