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Retrospect won't exit


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I have Retospect 7.5 running on Windows XP SP2 backing up to a Maxtor One Touch connected via USB.


Everything is generally fine except for when I try to run a script manually. What happens is -


- Backup takes ages to load and run (10 min backup takes over an hour)

- When finished I click "Done" and then Exit and the application hangs with the status in the bottom left corner displaying as "Exiting..."

- Nothing will sut the app down except for a reboot.


This doesn't happen when Retrospect runs the same script via a shceduled backup.


This is the second machine that I have encounteredthis problem as I previously had Retrospect 7.0 running on my Vaio laptop (to the same Maxtor drive) and had exactly the same problem.


I didn't ever encounter these problems with Retropect Express.


Anyone got any ideas?

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