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Scheduled executions won't start

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I recently upgraded to Retrospect V.7.5 for Windows and am running Windows XP SP2 Home.


The check box for "Don't allow scheduled and waiting executions to start" is grayed out and is checked in the Activity Monitor/Waiting window. Any help in unchecking the box would be much appreciated. Do I have to uninstall and re-install Retrospect; if so, will my scripts and history be saved?




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I also have the same problem and have been unable to uncheck the box for scheduled scripts to run. I have looked everywhere for the selection you mention. Where can I find the "stop all execution activity" box?


You don't say what version of Retrospect you have or what platform (Windows, Macintosh) you are using. If you have the Windows platform, here's a link to the Knowledgebase article with a screen shot of the button:

KB article 7956 - Execution is Deferred


If you are running on the Macintosh platform, you may have run into a different bug, namely, the "corrupt retrorunfile" bug that happens about once a month or two, and which has persisted for years. The solution to that bug is to:

(1) quit Retrospect;

(2) delete /Library/Preferences/Retrospect/retrorunfile

(3) launch Retrospect

(4) quit Retrospect

and the retrorunfile will be recreated.


There are also other things that could be causing what you are seeing. It's hard to answer without facts about your configuration.


This forum (Strategy, Scripts, and General Use) is really the wrong forum for your post. You will probably get better help if you post in the correct Windows or Macintosh forum, because the solution depends on which platform (Windows, Macintosh) you are using and which Retrospect version you are using.



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This may be the wrong forum, but the answer provided solved my problem too. The Red X was pushed in and I did not notice it and every night my backup would be deferred. I will say that when I clicked it off and then back on, I saw a lot of verbage and warnings about it.


Since I am new to Retrospect Pro (and have never actually gotten it to work yet), either it was pushed in by default when I installed it or my wife did it and didn't realize what she had done. I know I would have reacted to the warning screen and not left it in.


Ok, I'm off to find the Windows forum with hope that my nightly backup will run at 0100 tonight.



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