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Redefine (sub) volumes on new hard drive

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Hi there,


after having to replace my system hard drive, all my retrospect (sub) volumes, quite a lot, point to this volume that will be never there again. New volume by the same name is NOT the trick to manually recreate all the (sub) volumes, yes I knew that. But what IS the trick?


Does anyone here know how to do this other than manually?


I tried several other backup options/apps first, also in the light of the future of Restrospect. Since it seems it will be alive a little longer, I have admitted to myself that this application, with which I have had a violent love-hate affair for many years now, is still the most complete backup solution.


But it's not very easy to use. Hence my question, though I'm afraid I know the answer...


Happy New Year to all,


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though I'm afraid I know the answer...



Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.


Volumes are identified in Retrospect by their Unique File ID, which actually have nothing to do with the name. Since the operating system provides the ID, there is no way for you to make Retrospect treat your new volume(s) as if it/they was/were your old ones.


The way the program works is actually a Good Thing, since changing a volume name does not break the backup configuration. And loosing data is generally more of a problem then reconfigurations.



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