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Retrospect 7.5 Hangs After Backing Up


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I back up to an Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ over ethernet.


My PC runs WinXP Pro SP2. It is part of a Windows domain at my place of work. The ReadyNAS is on my home network, which is not part of the Windows domain.


I am running Retrospect OEM Professional 7.5.324 (


The ReadyNAS uses the latest firmware available from Infrant.


My problem occurs when I use Retrospect to do an Immediate Backup of one or more directories over the network to the ReadyNAS. Retrospect will complete the backup (i.e., all modified files copies to the ReadyNAS). However, the following details describe the situation further:

  • The job shows up under the "Executing" tab in the Activity Monitor with a status line "Immediate Backup: Execution completed successfully."
  • The status line at the bottom of the main applilcation window says "One execution running ..." and also "Immediate Backup ran successfully on 12/29/2006 3:50 AM."
  • When I click on "Stop," I get a standard dialog box ("Are you sure?") and then the "Stop" and "Pause" buttons are dimmed out, but the job remains in the "Executing" section and the status bar at the bottom is unchanged.
  • When I try to exit Retrospect (File-Exit), I am warned that an execution is running. After I give the go-ahead, the status bar at the bottom changes from "One execution running" to "Exiting," and there it stays. Retrospect is no longer responsive at this point.
Further problems (not directly related to Retrospect) occur after this point:
  • MSIE gets blocked when clicking on a link that is a PDF file (would normally launch Acrobat in an MSIE window).
  • Firefox works for a little while (e.g., to www.wikipedia.org), but gets hung a short while later when attempting to navigate to another site (e.g., www.infrant.com).
  • I can start up and/or exit Outlook, but it remains in offline mode and does not connect to its Exchange server (as it would normally).
  • Execution of ipconfig at a DOS prompt blocks.
  • When trying to open a new Firefox window (via the Start menu), an error box pops up:
  • Title: Windows Script Host
  • Script: C:\WINNT\TEMP\Ras101.vbs
  • Line: 725
  • Char: 1
  • Error: 0x80041013
  • Code: 80041013
  • Source: (null)
These problems occur in a variety of network configurations:
  • PC connected directly to ReadyNAS.
  • PC connected by ethernet to ethernet switch, which is connected to ReadyNAS.
  • PC connected wirelessly to wireless router, which is connected to ethernet switch, which is connected to ReadyNAS.
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