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Client refuses connections after backup stopped

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I have a computer with MacOS X Server running the Retrospect 5 client. I have a computer with MacOS X running the Retrospect Server. When I tell the second computer to start a backup of the first computer to an FTP site on a third computer, it will start the backup. The backup will complete without errors. If I click stop in the middle of the backup, the backup will stop. However, at this point the Retrospect Client on the second computer will refuse further connections. Restarting the retrospect client does fix this issue so that the backup can then be restarted.




This seems to be a bug. Is there a `better' way to stop the backup that does not have this issue?





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This seems to be a bug.


Dantz has noted that there are situations where the OS X Client process shuts off on its own. I haven't heard of your particular experience before, but it's probably the same thing.




You're probably going to have to wait until they come out with a fix...




Note that you don't have to actually restart the OS X client computer, just turn the process on from the OS X Client application window.







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