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Disabling backup of /var (aka /private/var)

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I'm using All Except Cache Files, extended to exclude:

or matching

file name ends with .cache

or matching

(enclosing folder) name exactly matches Caches

or matching

(enclosing folder) name exactly matches Library

and (folder) name exactly matches Logs

or matching

(enclosing folder) name exactly matches private

and (folder) name exactly matches var


I've tried assorted exclude rules with no success. What's the magic

for excluding /var (aka /private/var)?

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I won't question your reasons for wanting to omit backup of /private/var ; that's a very critical folder to be backed up, so you must have your reasons not to do so.


A correct rule (there are many) to replace your everything following the last "or matching" would would be

(enclosing folder) path name ends with /private/var/


Hint: from page 176 of the Retrospect User's Guide:


Path names always begin with the volume name and list the hierarchy of folders, separating folder names with ... forward slashes (Mac OS X). When you use "path name" and "End With" or "Match" ... to find a folder, you must type a slash at the end of the path name.




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