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Windows XP Pro installation continues after Disaster Recovery


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My disaster recovery process was nothing like the directions that were printed out from Retrospect. Here's what happened:


Booting up from my Disaster Recovery CD, Retrospect loads from the temporary Windows installation. (a side note is that during the temporary Windows installation, the install failed to copy "restore.rbc" from my Disaster Recovery CD). When Retrospect loads, I click the text that says "Switch to Advanced Mode" to do a "Restore an entire volume", and click OK. My Backup Set Catalog File is on a separate drive from my Backup Set. I go through selecting the Backup Set and Destination, and then the restore starts. The entire backup (many gigs) is copied over.


The system then restarts. I expect Windows to load as it used to (i.e. before my "disaster"), but instead, the rest of the Windows XP Pro installation continues, as though I were doing a fresh Windows XP install from the OEM disks. It askes for the Windows install disks and then proceedes to copy over a whole bunch of files to finish the Windows XP install. This isn't supposed to happen, is it??


When Windows does finally boot up, I get a message (presumably from Retrospect) telling me that I am about restore my drive from backup (didn't I just do this?) and to remove the Disaster Recovery CD and reboot. I do, and when Windows boot up again, Retrospect loads and I go through the whole process of restoring from my backup again. This time, instead of copying many gigs worth of files, "31,777 of 31,794 files appear already copied and 9,450 others will be overwritten". When this restore is finished, Windows reboots again and I am met with the "Found New Hardware" dialog. The drive contains all of my backed-up files and folders, including my user account folders, but my user accounts themselves are missing. Windows seemingly knows nothing about the drivers for all of my hardware, and all of my applications are missing from my Programs menu.


What's going on? The kicker here is that my system was actually totally fine. I was just doing all of this to see if my backup worked. >~<

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