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Can't Find msi File for Update


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Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will jump in. If you bought your copy of Retro recently, Tech Support may provide free support on this. That would be my first choice.


In the meantime, the file you mention is a Windows XP file, not a Retro one. Since the file is the installer to add a Clear Type applet to the Control Panel in XP and since XP can be configured to run with or without Clear Type, it seems odd that Retro would need to reference it [but, I am speculating on this].


I'm assuming you're using Retro 7.5 and trying to use the auto update utility.


First, update to the latest version of Reto - 7.5.324, if you already aren't there. Then, try downloading the driver update directly from


and install it manually.


If that doesn't work, I'd try reinstalling Retro [if you've updated to .324 as part of the previous step, skip this step].


Next, I'd uninstall Retro, reboot and reinstall. [Your Retro settings/config are not removed when uninstalling. Mine are kept in Documents and Settings, All Users, Application Data, Retrospect. To be safe, you should copy the contents of this folder to a another folder.]


If this last step doesn't fix it, I would uninstall again, and, this time, delete the Retro config folder - and any references to Retrospect in the Registry. As always, make a backup copy of your Registry before editing it.] Before reinstalling, I'd search the system driver for retro*.msi. It shouldn't be on the system drive. If it is, delete it. [i.e., maybe, in some unimaginable way, the retro installer has gotten corrupted in some magical way that it now points to the Clear Type installer. I can't believe it is possible, but, for the sake of the time it takes to do a search - why not] Reinstall Retro.


Good luck. Off hand I'd give this no better than a 50% chance of solving the problem.

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