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Rotating bi-monthly daily backups

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I am backing up to a Internet(FTP) backup set using Retro. 6.0 for Mac. Archiving is done manually to DVD.


What I would like to do is always have 2 months of data.


What I mean is, on the first of the month, I want to do a recycle backup. Then I want to do daily normal backups to that set for that month.


The next month I want to create a new set at the beginning of the month, followed by daily backups to that set for the month.


The third month I want it to recycle the first month's set, and continue in the same pattern. The idea is that, I want to be able to access the previous month's backup (as it was on the last day of the month), as well as the current month's backup set, only keeping 2 sets at any given time (previous month's + current month's)


The difficulty comes in with the daily backups to that set. I understand how to schedule rotating beginning of month recycle backups, but I can't figure out how to get the daily backups to backup to the given set for that month on a bi-monthly basis.


If anyone has any ideas of how this can be done, I would appreciate the guidance. If I did a terrible job explaining things, let me know and I can try to re-word a little.

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I'm replying to myself for anyone else who has this issue.


The easiest way I found was to write an applescript app that executes a Retrospect script with the applicable (even or odd month) Backup Set and Backup Type (Normal or Full) depending on the month and day of the month. This script will then be scheduled using cron to run daily.


I gave myself a crash-course in Applescript to write my script, so it may be messy to a more experienced person, but as far as I can tell, it gets the job done.


If anyone has the same dilema, and would like a copy of my script, just let me know

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