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Retro..Express HD & MS.net FrameWork


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I downloaded and installed “EMC Retrospect Express HD” TRIAL.

I ran a backup, very easy to use, it took about 1 1/2 hrs for b-up & verify.

Next morning Windows Update installed security updates for “MS.Net FrameWork 2.0”.


I used Norton SystemWorks One Button Clean, in preparation for 2nd trial backup before registering the Retro... Express software.

The Norton CleanUp reported 10 executables in the MS.Net FrameWork 2.0 can not access the necessary ‘DLL’ file (msvcr80.dll). This file is on the ‘C’ drive and I am running Windows XP home.


Now I don’t know What To Do!

Please Help!



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Hello T Wilder,


What is happening exactly? I don't understand the issue.


Express HD 2.0 uses the MS .Net Framework 2.0.






Hello SUMC,

What I was trying to say is in ( C:\windows\microsoft.net\framework\v2.0.50727 ) there are 10 executables ( applaunch, aspnet_regiis, aspnet_state, aspnet_wp, csc, cvtres, ilasm, mscorssvw, ngen, vbc ) that can not access the file (msvcr80.dll).


What I must know before I register and pay for “EMC Retrospect Express HD” is the “Retro.. Express” working properly! Does this make any sense to You?




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Hi Tom -


The issue that you are seeing is a conflict between .Net Framework (which is a Microsoft program that Retrospect Express HD needs to function correctly) and Norton. The problem has nothing to do with Retrospect. That said, I found the following link which may address your issue:




Hope that helps!


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