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Spurious "different creation date/time" error messages

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As a server, I'm using Retrospect Backup Version 6.0.204 on a Mac 7600, with a Sonnet Crescendo 450 MHz G4 upgrade card, with 1 gigabyte of RAM. The machine has two 160-gig IDE disks (WD), running through a Sonnet Tempo 133MHz PCI card. This all is running on OS X 10.3.9, via XPostFacto. The first IDE disk is partitioned for an 8-gig primary (system) volume, a 750mb OS 9 volume, followed by two backup volumes, each about 65 gigs on one drive and on the second drive, three partitions of about 48 gb each.


Clients are a mixed bag, mostly the same configuration as above, but with a couple of G4 Gigabit machines, a couple of TiBooks and a G3 B&W thrown in for good measure. They are all on a local network, running Retrospect Client 6.0.109. I back each of the eight machines once a day (and then back off the backup to tape).


One of my backup strategies is to duplicate entire client hard drives to folders on the server machine. This process works well, except for one problem: many files from the system -- which don't change at all -- come up as errors; here is a typical message:


File "zic": differenct creation date/time (src: 4/2/2006 8:10:53 AM, dest: 4/2/2006 9:10:53 AM), path: Cole-TiBook2-1/usr/sbin/zic".


As you can see, the two machines appear to be one hour off and I immediately thought of daylight savings time problems. But no, all the clients synch up to the server, using the same time server. In the server application, going to Configure->Clients->Configure->Configure the Clock Offset: is uniformly +0:00.


Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem? It creates hundreds -- some days thousands -- of lines of spurious error messages, making the log almost unreadable. I also wonder if it doesn't slow down the compare cycle of the routine.


That's not to mention the dialog box that appears on client desktops, saying something about 1750 execution errors on backup; end users don't see the humor in that.


Any insights would be appreciated.





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> I immediately thought of daylight savings time problems.




4/2/2006 was a Daylight Savings Time transition day in the United States:



It's a long standing bug, that has been discussed here on the Forum for years.


Here's a Knowledge Base entry on the subject:





Here's a sample thread from April 2004; searching for relevant keywords will yield other results:



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