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Retrospect unexpectly quit

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Dear all


From some few days, each time a backup start, retrospect quit before having saved any files.

If I just go on the backup volume in retrospect, it quit.

There's no error messages, no log, no idea why it happens.


any idea ?


Please help, it's too important to have reliable backup !

Thanks in advance


Config :

Retrospect workgroup 6.1.126

on a Mac Mini Intel 1.66 Core Duo

with an external HD "my book" western digital

system 10.4.8 and smb file server + afp activated.

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Where should I send a bug report ?



Have you ever written a bug report before?


Such a report requires "Steps to Reproduce" in order for it to be valuable to engineers. So far, in this thread, no such steps have been provided.


It's quite possible that you have some defective hardware; but readers of the Forum can only guess...

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Dear "CallMeDave"


For sure I'll try to reproduce this problem as soon as I'll have an archive of my data.

Not for EMC devs, but for myself, I have to know how my server work, or don't work.


But for the engineers who receive 1000 bug reports with a similar problem description,

even if 90% of theses reports are not usable for tracking the bug it still useful to know

ho much frequent is a problem and more important, it's our only way to try to have a usable software.


Now for this problem, Retrospect is not supposed to quit without any error messages or log report.

If my hardware disk have troubles, it should at least say : "I/O error".

As soon as I'll have a backup of my data, I'll try to unplug my HD during backup, removing

permissions and other such things to see if it's quickly reproducible.

For the rest I probably won't waste my time to track firewire support in retrospect.

But my disk seam to work perfectly.


So, again, Where should I send a bug report ?



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