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I have some technology-challenged roaming users, and I had to remove Retrospect from these machines in favor for a simpler program. Here's where the Retrospect interface fails:


When doing a backup to a hard disk, starting the backup jumps right in to collecting the files to be backed up. Only after that's done does Retrospect look for the presence of the backupset/media.


So the user starts the backup, things click along as if everything is fine. A 40 GB drive will take some time (~10 min?) to collect files, so there is no missing media alert until well into the backup process. By then, the user has gone out for dinner.


I know that it's technically a user training/operating issue (I personally never have this problem), but I've consistently seen different users get so flustered with Retrospect backups not succeeding that they curse the whole program and insist on changing it. This would be crucial for use with the ExHD version. The drive MUST be connected, and that should be the first thing the user is alerted to.


If EMC could check media FIRST, it would solve this, and I could use it. Thanks for reading.

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