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How can I change Client IP

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My question must look stupid but I spend half an hour on Retrospect and did not found how to change the IP of a Network Backup client. When I go to the "configure" panel, I click on the client button. And there, impossible to find how to change the IP of my client.


Thank you for you help smile.gif



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The reason you didn't find out how was because it cannot be done.


If you logged on your client by using a fixed IP address, your only option is to Forget the client and then log it in again at the new IP address.


You will then need to reconfigure the client volumes, if you had previously created any subvolumes or groups, and add the client volumes back to all your scripts.


A big hassle, and an argument for not using fixed IP addresses unless you have to.

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If for some reason you have to add clients by fixed IP (for example, if they are on a different subnet and you aren't able to pass multicast and broadcast packets through a router to them), you might want to set up your DHCP server to provide IP addresses not from a dynamic pool, but instead to be static mapped by MAC address so that the client always gets the same IP.


But twickland is right - it's better to add clients by name, not by IP.



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