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Multiple PC's not networked Retrospect Express


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Hello I've purchased a Maxtor 250 gb external one touch hard drive and it came with the Retrospect Express backup software. I am trying to implement a backup plan. I would like to back up 4 PC's (2 at home and 2 at my office.) Is it possible to use the Maxtor's One touch feature with Retrospect Express by simply installing the software on each PC and installing the backup USB drive? Is there a licensing issue? I just want to make sure that the backup sets are unique and do not overwrite each other. Maybe I need to upgrade to the full version?


Any advice would be appreciated.


Thank you, Matt

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Matt, I believe the Express HD software that comes with the Maxtor units is licensed for only one PC. I don't think it's particularly amenable to multiple PCs anyway; I'm under the impression that the full-ball-of-wax Retrospect has that capability. Are you aware that a somewhat older version of the full Retrospect, version 6.0, is resident on the Maxtor installation CD with very little fanfare?



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