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G3 400 MHz Powerbook, 640 MB, running OS X 10.1.5.




installed Retrospect 5.0


applied current update on 6/30


put driver 2.7 update in Retrospect folder.




attempting to backup Firewire disk to Firewire Yamaha 2200 CD-RW.


System locks up during backup. Unable to force quit application or get to Finder. Have to shut down system with power button. This happened 3 times at varying points in backup process (50 MB, 125 MB, 170 MB). Ran Disk Warrior after each occurrence.




Ran Retrospect and was able to backup FW disk to internal disk on PB.




The Yamaha drive case says it is a model CRW2200 IX. The Dantz web site says the drive is supported (does this mean for OS 9 and OS X?). Retrospect Device Status itself says the drive is a CRW2200E. Don’t know if this is significant.




Is there a problem using this drive with Retrospect 5.0 under OS X? It works fine under OS 9.




Is there a problem having both the disk and the backup drive using Firewire? they are plugged into separate ports on the back of the PB – I am not using a hub.







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According to the hardware compatibility list at:






the CRW2200E is unsupported under Mac OS X.




I don't know why there might be a difference between what's on your box and what's in Configure->Devices->Device Status, but the later is what Retrospect uses, not the former.





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you should email Yamaha= I don't think they support OSX = just heard back =




Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 09:12:37 -0700


From: "CDR Tech"




Subject: Re:








OS X is not supported yet, and expected to not work at this point. We are looking into this and hope to be able to include it in our supported OS's when it is determined to be compatible. You will need OS 9.1 for us to troubleshoot this issue.




We support getting the drive to work as a reader in OSX but not as a writer. The built in recording software like iTunes and Disc Burner in OSX is not supported by us, you will need to check with Apple for support in their recording software.




Roxio has OSX Support if you get their software then they will support you on this, providing this drive is on their Hardware Compatibility List.




This drive is unsupported on OSX with NeroMAX at this point but this support is coming soon. We have no ETA on this at this time.








Thank You for contacting, Technical Support



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