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Always Require Authentication

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I have a couple of users who I don't want to have Admin rights to the machine, but I do want to have Admin rights to Retrospect (version 6.1.126). Even though I repeatedly uncheck 'Always require Authentication' on the Start screen, AND in the Security Preferences, it never "Sticks".


Mac OS X Server 10.4.8


I see a lot posts that this used to be a known problem with either versions, so why am I still having this problem?

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If the application is moved to another location on the drive, it will default to requiring authentication.


Also, if there are more then one copies of Retrospect on the drive, launching a different copy will also set defaults back.


There has not, in my recollection, ever been a problem with how this works. Can you provide more detailed steps as to what you're doing, or provide ilnks to other user problem reports here on the Forum?

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This server was built from the ground up, and this version of Retrospect was installed straight from the CD. It lives in the default location, 'Applications'. So, it hasn't moved at all. And there is only one copy of it installed.


To recreate:

If I log in as 'AdminUser1' (that is, an Mac OS X account with Administrative privileges), I am not prompted to enter in an Administrative password. If I check the Security Preferences (Retropect... Preferences... Security), "Always require authentication" is unchecked. Good, that is what I want.


If I log in to the Mac as 'AdminUser2', I am prompted for the administrator password to start Retrospect. Okay, I'll put in a username and password, and UNCHECK the selection "Always require authentication" so that it doesn't ask me again. I'll check the Preferences to make sure that it's turned off. It's not. So, I'll deselect it here also, and click OK. Okay, I'll go ahead and quit Retrospect. I restart Retrospect. IT ASKS ME AGAIN FOR THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD to authenticate. Very annoying! I check preferences, and my DESELECT DIDN'T TAKE. Very annoying!


The same happens if I login as 'StandardUser1'.


My goal is to only have 1 AdminUser for the Mac, but allow all Standard users to use Retrospect. In order to do that, I need to NOT have Retrospect ask for authentication, but all attempts at disabling this fails.


I saw previous posts about this problem here http://www.versiontracker.com/users/Gregoryc. (I thought there were other sites, but I can't find them right now).


-- Paul

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I haven't tried this, but it sounds as if the preferences only "stick" for whichever user account is used to install the software.


You could also use a password for Retrospect, and only Retrospect, so that you aren't giving out a password that could be used for other sensitive purposes. If the password you give to these other users is only good for Retrospect, it isn't doing any harm, is it?

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