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G5 Fans and Crashes

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Using Retrospect on a 10.4.8 G5 (dual 2.3) with 4.5GB RAM. Backing up to a Quantum DLT8000 drive connected via an ATTO UL5D SCSI card running the latest firmware and drivers.


When running a backup to the drive, everything works OK, except that frequently, the whole computer will lockup and Activity Monitor will show CPU A at 100% (CPU B is nominal). The fans on the G5 will go nuts. After 20 seconds or so, everything calms down, and the backup continues. On a 40GB backup, this might occur several times. Then, when Retrospect goes into verify mode, everything freezes badly. The fans rage again, and the whole computer freezes. I've let it sit for 15 minutes before losing my patience and rebooting the Mac.


I understand that Retrospect is processor-intensive. But this is ridiculous. Any ideas for fixing this problem are much appreciated.

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