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search using snapshot vs using find files returns different results


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I have a retrospect client who gets backed up every weekend with a full backup. If I do a find files restore and put in a folder name that I know is on the client and has been there for quite some time it does not find the folder. If I use the selected files and choose a snapshot of the client I can see that folder. SO the server is backing up the folder but I cannot search for it.


The problem is that I want to restore a similer folder for the same client but the backup set does not have a snapshot. So if I use find files and put in the client name I navigate to where the folder should be and it is not there. Normally I would suspect the user is confused but I can see the behaviour from the example above happening with a folder that still exists on the client and has existed for quite awhile.


Not sure if it is relevent but the folder name is "campaign_update". I have tried to do a find files on that name and it comes up empty as well. Yet if I navigate the snapshot there it is.


I do not think it is my search as I originally used the clients name so that would eliminate a funny character in the name of the folder.


Retrospect is 6.5.336


I think the files I want are backed up I just cannot get to them for some reason...

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