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Please help with Dant Retrospect Express 6.0

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I have an external hard drive that I haven't used in a while and it has a lot of stuff on it but I can't remember what. I want to be able to go through it and clean it off so I can reformat it and use it again. I'm pretty sure this stuff is old and I don't need most of it but I want to be sure. My computers have crashed at least twice since so if I didn't need it then I probably don't need it now. But I have to go through it to be sure.


The software that came with the Maxtor One Touch was Dantz Retrospect Express 6.0. It creates these backup sets but I can't view them and I can't figure out how to open them to view the files inside. I don't want to restore them, I just want to be able to open and view them to make sure I don't need any of the info.


There's a backup set A which is 54.7GB and B that is 102GB but they are in these little file formats of rdb. How do I go about being able to open this stuff so I can go through it?


There ARE backup sets there but when I go to them in Retrospect there isn't anything there. Here's every step I'm making.


I opened Retrospect, I selected "Backup Sets" under Configure, the Backup Sets dialog box opens but it states No Know Backup Sets, click create new to create a new backup set or click More to open or rebuild a catalog file.


I click on More to go and find the folders where the backup sets are since they aren't showing up. They are on an external which is local disk F.

Showing are two folders, one that is named Retrospect and one that is named Retrospect Backup. The one named Retrospect is where all the backup sets that I can't say are, the other one has actual files and folders that I can view but it's only 8.62GB so I know that's not everything on the disk because of the other amounts of the backup sets that I listed above.


So I click on Backup set A but it doesn't show any of the sets. The file extension at the bottom only has the option to show backup set rbc and rbf extensions. There isn't a "show all files" option. So I can't see the sets like in the pic above that I know for a fact are there and I don't know why. Because when I go under my computer and go to the folder, it shows all of the blue backup sets like I said above.


Any ideas?

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I click on More to go and find the folders where the backup sets are since they aren't showing up. They are on an external which is local disk F.




You have to navigate to the location where the cataloge files are saved when you click "More" button. By default, the catalogue file is saved at My Documents\Retrospect Catalog Files\ folder.

If you can not find the catalogue files of those two backup sets from the above folder, you have to recreate the catalogue files from the backup sets by clicking the "Recreate" button.


After you can access the backup sets from the Backup sets dialog, choose the relative backup set and click the "Properties" button, then choose the "Session" tab or "Snapshots" tab to view what is backed up on this backup set.

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