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daylight savings problem on past products causes full duplicate recopy


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I posted back in May 2006 about the daylight savings problem and how Retrospect will delete an entire duplicate and recopy it. This is really bad and worse for some people if they have expensive media.


Basically, if daylight savings time occurrs (either in Oct or Apr), the modify or creation timestamp will change because of the 1 hour shift and Retrospect will erase the ENTIRE duplicate volume and copy it over again (even if the file was not changed), which could be hours and Gigabytes of data. There has been a lot of posts in the past years on this (do a search on "daylight" in all the forums including MAC).


One option people had was to turn off daylight savings on the pc. Another was to have two backup media (one for half the year, the other for the other half). This problem occurred on multiple product revs. I have version 6.0 and run XP HOME. I know some people thought there was an issue with NTFS and FAT and the universal time stamp.


My question is whether Retrospect (emc) has fixed this bug or not. I know version 7.5 is out. We just had a time change a few weeks ago so this might be fresh to some people. Has anyone seen this on V 7.5.



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