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Errors with file backup set on SmartDisk SOHO NAS

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Hello to this forum. I have been attempting to backup to a file backup set on a SmartDisk SOHO NAS attached to my router.

At various times I get errors indicating data intgerity problems. They occur at different times depending on what I am backing up, but seem reproducably to occur at the same point in the same sequence. Once the error has occured, the backup set is unusable. Details:

SmartDisk SOHO NAS with firmware v2.3.2.01 (running Linux with disk formatted in EXT3) [it works with everything else so far]

Mac OS/X 10.4.8, Retrospect 6.1.126

Errors first reported as 'Trouble matching <backup set>, error -24201 (chunk checksum didn't match).'

EMC suggests this is a disk error, but after I updated to latest RDU v6.1.8.101 it has changed to:

'Bad backup set header found (0x84a193e6 at 1,182,268) [exact disk address varies]'

I do not believe this is a disk error but a data intergity problem. The drive reports no Smart errors.


Any help would be much appreciated. Tony

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I do not believe this is a disk error but a data intergity problem



What's the difference?


It sounds as if data being copied to the disk is becoming corrupted. This is likely caused by a problem with the NAS device.


SMART is limited in what it reports, depending on the implementation. The lack of an error does not guarantee anything.


- Will your Macintosh recognize the drive if you connect it directly via USB?

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CallMeDave... According to MacWorld there is a 4GB file size limit for disks formatted in the default FAT32 format (although this might be incorrect), so I reformated the drive to EXT3 before starting to load up my data. It is thus no longer directly recognisable by Mac OS/X through the USB interface (as stated in the manual).


I referred to a possible data integrety problem meaning that either Retrospect or the NAS Linux system might be causing the error (e.g. a caching or logic error) rather than the drive itself writing or reading the data incorrectly.


I recall that there was a Retrospect Driver Update a month or so ago to correct a problem with a different brand of NAS, so it is possible that there is a problem other than hardware disk errors - but I do not know which it is in my case.

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