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round 2. tape recycling

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I thought I had my backups configured correctly.

But I have run out of tape.

First let me define what I ultimatly want.

I have a number of servers that I back up regularily.

I have a 16 tape AIT4 tape library.

I would like a full backup every week.

then incrementals every night.

then when the tapes are full,

allow over wright over the oldest backup

as long as it is older then 1 month.


does this make since? too much to ask for?


EMC support helped me with my configuration before.

They had me create 4 backup sets.






In each backup script

I backup everynight and then do a recycle on a 4 week schedule.


I don't love this as it suggests that I only keep backups for a month even if I have miles of free tape.

So I am surprised to find myself out of tape.

A full backup is currently ~400gig.


So I should have plenty of room for a month's worth of backups.


Can someone help me with my configuration?




-Ryan Biddle-

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