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Unable to remove lost network member


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I'm running Retrospect Multi-Server 7.5. I added a member to a backup set which pointed to a network share (i.e. \\machinename\share\folder). That share is no longer available, and I want to remove it from the list of members for the backup set (or at the very least, mark it as 'lost/damaged'). However, when I double-click the member to mark it as 'This member is lost or damaged', clicking OK from the member properties dialog shows an error: 'Cannot use the specified backup data folder'. How do I get rid of this member?

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Unfortunately not. There is no 'forget' button that I can see, and the 'Remove' button is greyed out for all members (any idea why this button gets disable?). I've rebuilt the catalog, but it's a shame that it resorted to that, since the backup set was rather large and the rebuild takes around 12 hours.


Thanks for your help.


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