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Express 6.5 - how to move backup set from drive to DVD?


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Hello. Following a failure of an external data drive, Retospect Express 6.5 quickly got me back up and running with data restored from a Retrospect backup drive. New issue, though: as I am now backing up iterations on my restored data, I want to move my old backup set off of the external drive and onto multiple DVDs (I need the space on the external drive, after all). I have tried to "backup" the backup set, but it won't recognize the Retrospect files in the backup set. I have tried to "duplicate" the backup set, but the same thing happens--no recognition of the Retrospect files in the backup set). Lack of recognition of the Retrospect files occurs even though I'm checking the option to backup or duplicate either "all files" or "Retrospect files". A posting elsewhere in this forum mentioned a disc-to-tape "transfer" tool in Express 7.5, but that doesn't help me with 6.5.


Can I do this in 6.5? Is my approach flawed in some way?


Thanks for any help.

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