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Snapshot / Recovery Question.


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I'm not clear on this. Must I create a new CD with OS, etc. everytime I perform a normal/progressive backup? It's my understanding that a snapshot is created both on the master hdd (C:) as well as the backup media (in my case an external hdd). But after I do the progressive backup, Retrospect asks about creating yet another CD starting with inserting my WinXP disc? Explain please. Thanks!!!

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As far as I know, booting from the recovery CD will allow you to only restore the snapshot that you pointed to when creating the recovery CD.


Whenever I try to navigate to a different snapshot in the same backup set or to another backup set, Retro always gives an error message that the resource is in use by another process. Unless I'm doing something incorrectly, you do need to create a new recovery CD if you want to restore the new snapshot.


At the same time, you can always do a fresh install of Windows, install Retro, then restore any snapshot in any backup set.


I would also appreciate it if others could confirm.

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You do not have to create a new Disastery Recovery CD everytime you perform a normal/progressive backup.


During the DR process, there is an option update the catalog from the backup media which will then add the most recent snapshots.

If you don't want to use the most recent snapshot, there is a "Modify" button that will allow you to choose which snapshot you want to restore from.


Just did this last week, so it's fresh in my head laugh.gif

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What kind of backup set are you using?

Also, exactly at what point are you seeing this Resource in Use error?


Just to confirm that you are doing the same thing I did:

I boot into the DR CD and choose the 2nd option to update the catalog/snapshots from the backup media.

The date next to the snapshot should be updated to the most recent backup.

If you want to restore from a different snapshot, you can choose the "Modify" button.

Select the volume you want to restore to (most likely the C:), click Next and choose the "Add" button to retrieve other snapshots.

Then choose restore.

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