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can emial notification be modified?

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I am trying out the R 7.5 for sbs server


right now the email message has something like this

Script: Weekly W3

Date: 2006-11-11

Script "Weekly W3" completed with 8 errors



Any way to inlcude additonal info like the 8 error message, totol files/GB completed,, stored, how much diskpace is left for backup?

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thank you.


BTW where do I put the modified retroeventhandler.vbs or retroeventhandler.bat? in "external scripts"?



I think I can use the end script event to handle what I want to send out mail but my vbs skill is limited and I have not seen the sample for email result.


Furthermore I have not found out where it triggered existing email action to email all sort of messages. I want to consoldate the email messages and selectively send to different person


I could use some help or pointer to the above two. thank again

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