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DVD Backups stop during verify


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I have been performing transfer of snapshots to DVD backups every two weeks on two seperate sets for almost a year with a reasonable level of success.


I am using Retrospect Server 7.0.344 (Update And using a DVD burner from La Cie (DVD_RW ND-3500AG) (NEC DVD DL 1.56). This is a supported burner but I did have some teething problems.


I updated the firmware and tried a few different brands of DVD+R. Finally I was able to get a good backup working with none or very few (less than 1 per 10-20 DVDs) errors during verify. This was fine for at least a few months during at which time I had burnt over 200 disks and sucessfully verified them.


However of late, during verify there has been an error 105, which stops the verify immediately.



From Retrospect: Script "DVD Backup B" failed during automatic execution, error -105 (unexpected end of data). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details.



The problem is the backup verify stops and doesn't check the other disks.


This is a major problem because the set now contains over 200 disks. I cannot realistically perform a verify media on all 200 every two weeks without going insane.


How can I just check those disks after the verify quits? In the last transfer, I had burnt about 30 disks and only verified about 8 before I got the error.


Also does this mean there is a problem with the drive? The disks or the software?


Will retrospect want to reburn the whole lot again, another 30+ discs or will it assume the others are fine?


Sorry for the long post but this is driving me crazy and I don't want to have to start new DVD backup sets as that would be well over 150 discs for each set (2).




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