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Tape not recognized as member of Backup Set


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I'm using Retrospect 7.5.324, hotfix under Windows 2000 SP4 (fully patched) with a Quantum DLT-V4 tape drive.


In Activity Monitor | Events, the following error is logged:

Category: Backup Set

Device trouble: "1-backup_set_name_here", error -102 (trouble communicating)

... where "backup_set_name_here" is the name of my backup set.


If I insert that member in the drive, it is recognized in Configure | Devices | Status as "1-backup_set_name_here". The member contains data from one run of a Normal backup. The data is readable and can be verified (compared) to the source. I am also able to restore data from that member, so it appears to be in working order. The tape is very far from being filled, with roughly 150 GB of the 160+ GB capacity remaining.


However, if I try to execute a normal backup, the script will ask for a new or blank member, "2-backup_set_name_here".


Why is Retrospect asking for a new member? How can I get Retrospect to consider the tape as a legitimate member of the backup set with ample remaining capacity? Has this tape been damaged beyond repair, necessitating a quick erase?

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I found the answer in the User's Guide, Problems and Solutions, Troubleshooting, Backup Issues: "Retrospect asks for a particular medium, but then reports '2-Dunsinane' is not a member of this Backup Set... If you are sure this medium has the files you want, rebuild its catalog."


Catalog recreation is explained in Tools, Maintenance and Repair, Recreating a Catalog. Be sure to heed the note about adding the recreated Backup Set to each script.


My problem has indeed been corrected.


regards, Andy

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