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Backing Up Too Many Files On NORMAL Backup - Why?


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In Retrospect Professional V7.5.285, Driver Update and Hot Fix, version


I have 4 hard drives online at any one time, one of which is in a removable tray. In the removable tray I swap between a "normal use" drive and a drive I keep "old" files on. When I run my regular system backups using the Normal backup option, I don't have this problem. However, when I swap in the "old file" drive in the removable tray and run its Normal backup (to its own Backup Set) Retrospect wants to backup some, but not all, of the files it has already backed up (sometimes more than once). In the session contents I checked several files that had been previously backed up more than once and their Properties are identical. I was going to enclose a screen shot that showed this but apparently I can't attach an image to a post.


I do have all 4 of the "backup security options" set because I want to back up the file security information and the drive is formatted NTFS. From a post back in April, 2006 I saw a similar problem and a solution was to turn off the "Back up file security information from workstations". When I turn that option off then Retrospect doesn't try to re-backup any files as it should even with the option turned on.


The only basic difference between the way I run the backups is that for my normal system backup I am using a Source Group that has 9 volumes (including the "normal use" drive in the removable tray). When I swap drives in the removable tray I run the "old file" backup by specifying its volume (whose label is different from the "normal use" drive and has a separate entry in the Retrospect "Volumes Database").


Why is this happening and how can I backup the Windows file security information without Retrospect trying to backup some identical files multiple times, or is this not possible??


Carl Johnson

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