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Deleting files within a backup

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This must be a new one for ya:


I want to delete a file within my backup set. It contains personal information that I want to discard. I do not wat to discard the entire backup set, since I'd like to keep other, historical information. I know, I should have made a separate backup just for these files, so I could have easily deleted this backup set only...


Any help GREATLY appreciated.



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You can't delete a file from a backup set.


The only option to do what you'd like is to create a new backup set, go to Tools> Copy> Transfer, and copy just your desired files to the new backup set, after which you can erase or destroy the old backup set media.


In order to perform a backup set transfer, you will need two drives; you can't swap media in one drive.

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you can delete individual Snapshots...


How many Snapshots do you have in that backup set? If the file that you want to delete only lives in one Snapshot then you can delete the snapshot. Run another backup so Retrospect grabs the other files that were in the deleted Snapshot.


Keep in mind this would not work in CD-R or DVD-R media or WORM tapes since these are "Write-Once" types of media.


Good Luck!

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you can delete individual Snapshots...



No, not really.


You can delete a Snapshot from a Catalog, but the Snapshot still resides on the Media, and can be added back with just a couple of clicks.


And even if a Snapshot _could_ be permanently removed, the files can still be found via Search, which does not utilize Snapshots.


Sensitive files can be well managed on OS X with the use of encrypted sparse disk images, which allows you to protect your data without having to keep a separete Backup Set for it.


But as twickland wrote, you cannot remove specific files from an existing Backup Set; you can only Recycle it.



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