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power fail, ups shutdown, tell running backup script to stop?


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I've got a Belkin UPS attached to a system running retrospect single server 7.0. I've also got version 7.5 but I've not installed it yet. The Belkin Bulldog software allows me to run batch files and I assume (hope) there is a way I can tell retrospect to stop executing the current script if the UPS has kicked in and the system is running on Batteries. Is there a way to do this from a batch file (or any other way)? I see that I could do it on the Mac server by writing an applescript and using "stop execution" command.


Are there general tips for setting up Retrospect preferences for working with a UPS and shutting down gracefully in the event of power failure.


A search of the knowledge base using UPS is pretty useless as it hits backups etc...



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