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RetroExpress.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services Error


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I installed Retrospect Express HD 1.0 earlier this year with my Maxtor One Touch II and everything worked perfectly. I have made several backups successfully. The program is very easy to use.


About a month ago, I started getting the "RetroExpress.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services" error when the system starts to launch Retrospect and cannot make a backup. The red cube for Retrospect (next to the clock) is now gone. If I try to manually launch Retrospect from the "Start" window, I get the same error. If I open the OneTouch window and try to start a backup, the Maxtor window disappears and nothing happens. About the same time that the error started occurring, I received some automatic security upgrades for Windows and that caused several errors (including SVC Hosting error, and a System32 error), but Microsoft provided a few patches that took care of the system errors, so they must have realized a problem with their security upgrades.


I searched the EMC/Dantz suggestions and modified the mscoree.dll file, upgraded to Retrospect Express HD 1.1 and upgraded by .NET Framework to version 2.0. None of the suggestions have worked. I read today about a possible conflict at Port 2000 from pop-up blockers, anti-spyware programs and a few other applications. I am using Microsoft Defender (Beta 2), Window XP SP2, IE Version 6.0 which has a pop-up blocker, and Norton Antivirus. I am not sure how to fix that issue.


I have also contacted Microsoft, but they have not been able to isolate a reason why Retrospect does not launch. The first Tech Support person has bumped it up to the advanced Tech Support.


Any help would be appreciated!


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