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Copying backups to another HD as second backups


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Hi, I've had a look around the forum, but haven't found anything yet that explicitly describes this. Maybe it's a dumb question...


I am backing up my home laptop to a 200GB Maxtor Onetouch drive (as comprehensive, entire computer). There are currently 44 restore points of 55GB drive contents that amounts to 97GB of rdb files.


I would like to occasionally "backup" these files to another HD (such as my work PC) to act as an off-site backup.



1. Is there a smart way to do this, or can I use Windows explorer to copy the "restore points" folder to the work PC HD?


2. Presumably I would need to copy all of the rdb files? Is there a way of cutting the size of this folder down without losing information? It would take less space just to copy the original 55GB across!


Any suggestions welcomed.





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