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Retrospect Launcher service anomalies


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I'm using Retrospect Professional 7.5.324 with Hotfix under Windows 2000 SP4 (fully patched). The backup device is a Quantum DLT-V4 tape drive.


I've encountered several anomalies with the Retrospect Launcher service and use of Retrospect by a Limited User. I'd like to know if others see them, too, and if there are any known fixes.


a. The "taskbar icon" (actually, it's really the "system tray" or "notfication area" icon) can be displayed by checking a box in Startup Preferences|Execution - Startup. However, on reboot into an administrative account, the icon does not display even with the service running. To get the icon to display, the Retrospect Launcher service must be restarted. Restart of the service can be readily accomplished with a simple logon script, but this really shouldn't be necessary.


b. If a Limited User starts the Retrospect executable, it's crippled, which could be considered normal, except that the Limited User in question has the right to back up files and directories.


c. If the Limited User launches the Retrospect executable via "Run as...", a logon window will be displayed but valid administrator credentials will be refused. "Run as" should work in this situation.


d. Retrospect can be run in a Limited User account by using "Run as" to restart the Retrospect Launcher service, double-clicking the icon in the system tray, and entering valid administrator credentials. If this is by design, it should be documented somewhere.


BTW, I tried to repair the Retrospect Launcher Service by disabling it in Preferences, rebooting, enabling it again in Preferences and rebooting again, but that didn't change the behavior described above.


regards, Andy

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