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Reliability of Recreating Catalog ?


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I am trying to do a full restore of my latest backup after my PC went up in smoke, including all devices. As a result, I had to recreate the catalogs of my backup. This went reasonably well, except for :

1. I have a serious suspicion that it did not find all backup sets/snapshots. The latest one it finds is from July 22, while I'm almost certain that I did a backup more recently than that.

2. I wonder if Retrospect can be confused with recycled DVDs. I have 15 DVDs, but in fact, after recycling, I was still at DVD 13. Obviously 14 and 15 also still contain Retrospect data from before the recycle.

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Problem solved.

Turned out that after the recycle, that backup setwas still only at DVD 10, not 13. By recreating from disk 13, I therefore got a set of sessions from before the recycle.

I found out by just starting at a low numbered DVD and there I already noticed that after recreate the timestamps were already more recent. Then kept on recreating increasing the DVD number until I indeed got the more recent backups, and then one more DVD which indeed was showing older backups.

I guess there is no other way to know which DVD is the true 'last' disk in a set...

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