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Disaster Recovery Preparation is a Disaster


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Hi - I've got Retrospect 7.5.324 with Disaster Recovery licensed. I backed up a 45 MB C: drive to a file on D: and the backups seem to work fine (no errors on verify.)


Next step was to try to make a boot disk for recovery - selected the backup set (OK), then found that it wouldn't read my Windows install disks on either CD or DVD burners - and when RS is running, trying to open the CD from File Explorer gives me an "access denied"message.


With RS closed, both drives open the CD fine. (RS properly identifies both drives under the device configuration window by the way). So I copied the WinXP Upgrade disk (SP1) to a folder on D:, and just in case I also copied a full install WinXP (SP2) disk on to D:


Then I tried to make the recovery iso again - this time pointing to the WinXP Upgrade copy on D: (which is what this machine used originally) - it liked that, and I got as far as the point where it scans all the files on the C: drive, but then it just hangs when it starts to build the iso image - the program runs about 97% CPU utilization, and I let it run for an hour before cancelling it. I tried the same steps with the full install disk copy on D: as well, same result.


Any tips would be appreciated!


(2GHz P4, WinXP Pro, 1 GB ram.)

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Retro 'locks' CD/DVD drives [as you found out]. The two 'solutions' are to copy the i386 folder to your hard drive or set the CD/DVD drive to 'ignore id' in Retro while building the DR CD.


Sorry, don't know what's causing the hang.


Also, the DR CD has to be at the same service pack level as the system backup => you'll need to 'slipstream' the XP SP1 disk with SP2 and use the i386 folder from the slipstreamed result.


As an alternative, you can do a fresh install of XP, bring it up to SP2, install Retro and restore your full system backup.

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